Professional tuning solutions

Our 'ECU Tuning Platform'

All the tools developed by Dimsport are available in both master and slave configuration. The vehicle range supported includes CAR, BIKE, LCV (light commercial vehicles), TRUCK (heavy duty trucks), AGRI (tractors and agricultural vehicles) and MARINE; the widest offer in the tuning market thanks to Dimsport branches, R&D centres and commercial partners all over the world.




RACE products disclaimer

Dimsport Srl provides tools and services to optimize the performance of the engine through the recalibration of the original ECU. Dimsport Srl does not provide any modified files ready to use and is not responsible for the tuned files created by its customers.

Race By Dimsport

Different ways to be “Race”


If you want to optimize your vehicle’s performances,  just rely on the skills of a tuner who’s using Dimsport tools; MyGenius is the tool conceived to manage and store up to 10 different files programmable at your wish.

Slave Tuner
'Slave' Tuner

…you realized that there is a business opportunity in the ECU tuning? Enter this promising world with a small investment of time & money, choosing the slave version of our tools to get tuned files from a skilled manager.

Master tuner
'Master' tuner

New Genius and New Trasdata, combined with Race Evo software, are the ideal tools for the independent tuner who wants to operate in total freedom in the realization of custom-made tuned files for his clientele.

Manager tuner
'Manager' tuner

Software platforms supporting tuners networks in the ECU remapping business: this evolution is realized through a network of dealers equipped with a slave version of our tools.


The ECU tuning tools provided by Dimsport are used worldwide by research institutions and professional schools for testing, research and training purposes.

Customize your training course

Dimsport Training

Up to 16 hours, basic, advanced or update, together with a Dimsport expert!

The complete chiptuning platform.
Through practical simulations with the use of New Genius, New Trasdata and the remapping software Race EVO, the customer will learn the basics and skills to become a professional tuner.