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Whatever your business in the tuning field (and not only) is, Dimsport is your trusted ally in the everyday work. A single partner capable of offering the widest range of solutions for the optimization and diagnostics.

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Welcome to our world, where the passion for engines meets the best technology. 'Tailor-made' solutions that meet the most diverse needs: from the driving comfort to the fastest motorbike on the race track, going through the pros of the road who need to save time and money for their business...

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We are Dimsport

“We have turned our passion into a job”

Giovanni Deregibus

We are Dimsport

“Not only performance, but also optimization of output and consumption”

Alessandro Chellini

We are Dimsport

“A work environment that brings out the best of each sector”

Simone Deregibus

We are Dimsport

“Increasingly numerous, increasingly more united and coordinated”

Sara Deregibus

We have turned our passion into a job
Not only performance, but also optimization of output and consumption
A work environment that brings out the best of each sector
Increasingly numerous, increasingly more united and coordinated
For more than twenty-five years, Dimsport has been synonymous with high-quality electronic tuning for the Automotive industry worldwide. The Dimsport offer comprises a complete, modular high-tech tuning line for professionals that can be applied to any vehicle. It includes the Race tuning system developed for the electronic recalibration of the Engine Control Unit, an extensive range of add-on modules (Rapid and Rapid Bike) and the Dyno power bench tester line.


They differ in age and experience, but Dimsport sees the fire in their eyes that they need to overcome every challenge!

Commitment, dedication and sacrifice to keep competing: Dimsport has always had a lot of time for people who devote their energy to being better, whether at work or the track, no matter what their technical resources or background. Dimsport SpeedUP puts the spotlight on the achievements, big and small, of some of the drivers and riders sponsored by the company in motorsports.

Giacomo Gandino

Motocross - Fast
Ktm 250 SXF

Giacomo Gandino